to shop / favorite things, pt. 2

After almost an year of saved eBay searches, I finally found my Gucci shawl… I have a feeling they showed up at a Gucci outlet in the South.

I justified the purchase because…
1) It wasn’t significantly more expensive than when I’d purchased it in the Firenze outlet.
2) I got so much wear out of the last one and was so upset with losing it on Metro North, that I was more than happy enough to pay for another one at an outlet price.

It was difficult to photograph, but the interlocking G’s are much more subtle in person. This is a 78″ x 28″, 70% wool 30% silk shawl. Lightweight enough to use year-round. I hope whoever found my last one on the train is making the most of it!

One thought on “to shop / favorite things, pt. 2”

  1. Ahhh, this reminds me of a shawl I lost, not Gucci, far from it, but I thrifted it and it was a perfect geometric, jewel-toned, almost Pendleton pattern… so sad that it’s gone, wish I could find it again!

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