to shop / baggu and mast brothers

BAGGU hosted a sale at their new studio in Williamsburg this weekend.

The sale was featured on DailyCandy, but I filter all DC emails and only glance at them every few days or so. I happened to catch wind of the sale while browsing my RSS reader via Lena Corwin’s blog yesterday.  I’d been eyeing some bags on BAGGU’s website for some time, particularly from the No. 6 collaboration.  A friend’s friend was working the sale and confirmed that plenty of No. 6 was available.

I got there 20 minutes before closing. The sale was great, about 25% off, and I found some styles that were out of stock on their website. I stocked up for a friend and got gifts for my roommate, mom, and myself. BAGGU is so versatile, colorful, and easy to maintain. I use them for everything and throw them in the washing machine as needed. I also quickly glanced at Mociun’s sale. Beautiful silk scarves were $70 (down from $185), but I didn’t fancy any of the designs that were left at the eleventh hour.

On the way back to the train, I stopped by the Mast Brothers workshop. They are a great local business and one of the few bean-to-bar places. I picked up a few bars for my parents. I love the packaging!

If I didn’t hate packing and moving so much, I would move to Williamsburg.

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