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One of my favorite shoe buys of the year: Butter Scoop Flats in camel patent. I love nude-toned shoes and the perfect patent bow. It also helps that I get compliments from strangers, left and right, whenever I wear them.

Image source: and Petit Bateau x Tsumori Chisato.

I scooped them up in July during a 40% cashback promotion (RIP Bing).  Once the cashback was processed, I got the leather bottoms zipsoled at the cobbler (a MUST for any shoes you love when you live in NYC). They have a slight cushion, small heel, and are very flattering on the foot. Also, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is great for removing scuffs from patent leather!

I was on a saleswatch for a coworker (who I never spoke to before). She would stop by my cube and ask if there was a sale about once a month. That sale finally hit after Thanksgiving. The sale price right now is also looking very good – just over $100. (~$150 minus 25% off through the current Endless promotion and then another 7.5% back through Ebates.)

Note, Endless is owned by Amazon and is similar to Zappos. Endless and Amazon have the same inventory.

  • Amazon: usually lower prices than Endless for the same item, free shipping after $25.
  • Endless: free shipping and returns (up to an year), pricematch, and cashback through Ebates (which have gone as high as 15%).

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