to shop / favorite things, pt. 3

I finally checked out Voluspa candles, thanks to Kitson’s CyberMonday sale. There was an unbelievable sitewide 50% off code (I can’t remember where I found it). I stocked up on my favorite lip product, travel sized Voluspa candles, and grabbed a couple of coveted rose gold Michael Kors chronograph watches. I haven’t heard the best things about their customer service so I was shocked when the order shipped.

I ordered the Japanese Plum Bloom, Panjore Lychee, Fleurs de Fete, and Truffle White Cocoa candles. I’ve been burning the Japanese Plum Bloom and it smells just like a plum!

I have to admit that I never used candles before I got these from Anthropologie. It’s just not a very Asian thing to burn candles, but I have since learned that they are great for removing food smells during the COLD months when I can’t air out the apartment.

Gloves (or any small accessory) is a natural candidate for my “favorite things” posts because I inevitably lose one and it is not easily replaceable. I’m a J.Crew addict; their additional 40% off sales are hard to resist although I am not a fan of final sale (solution: American Express Return Protection or eBay). The best time to browse is early in the day, right after they update the site. I got these beautiful zip leather gloves in bronzed clay (which I would describe more as a rich, caramel brown hue) to add to my glove collection. Now that the temperature has dropped, I can no longer survive glove-less.

Accompanying the gloves are two of my favorite rings: A stainless steel pave swirl my mother gave me and a simple black glass band from Roni. I had a thinner band from Roni, but accidentally broke it when my hand subconsciously swung into a staircase. The Roni near me stopped carrying glass bands, as did their Soho and West Village stores. I finally found their last glass band at their Broadway Noho store three years later (I didn’t look very hard). Roni is owned by a Taiwanese woman who travels around to stock her stores. Sounds like my dream job!

2 thoughts on “to shop / favorite things, pt. 3”

    1. yup. cashmere. didn’t the rose gold MKs. i got a gold MK in a tortue shape that still needs to be adjusted! overall, i’m not a big watch person.

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