to shop / high and low – tuxedo blazer ($150+ or $13)

Uniqlo vs. Gap

When the Uniqlo +J 2010 collection images came out, the tux jacket (#066962) was at the top of my must-see-in-real-life list. The wool version sold out right after the collection launched; I found the lighter poly/cotton version “shiny tux jacket” in the store. After buying and trying it on a few times, I returned it because the material wasn’t stiff enough, the collar wrinkled, and I didn’t like the folded collar look. Especially not for $150+. My awesome mom/aunt procured the blue wool version for me from the Shanghai store. Much more substantial and worth the money.

Well, fast forward a few months. I was bored one day after the gym and decided to peruse the clearance racks at Gap. There were some great finds. Amongst them, I found the double-layer tuxedo blazer (Winter 2010, #770853) for $13, marked down from $118 on final sale with additional 30% off. Similar neckline to the Uniqlo tux jacket style, but in a heavier than the “shiny tux jacket” wrinkle-free poly blend. I’m not a fan of the white lining and may get it removed or ironed down. Gap store prices are way better than online prices. Overall, Gap’s been running a ton of additional 30%/40% off sales in the stores. If you’re in need of business casual pieces/basics, it’s not too late.

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