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A compilation of things worth mentioning.

About to read:


Added to my RSS:

  • Oh Joy! // I have no idea how this “fell” out of my reader!
  • closetvisit // Step into the closets of the fashionable in L.A.
  • iwanttobeher // Former Lucky editor dissects the outfit of that chic lady you pass on the street.
  • matchbook // New, pretty, free monthly lifestyle e-magazine. (And if you don’t already subscribe to Gwyneth Paltrow’s weekly GOOP newsletter, I highly recommend it. I love the recent feature on the French pharmacy.)

One thought on “to read / miscellaneous”

  1. your website is so neat (and love the picture on top. macarons. so irene. :) I just placed a hold at my library for Amy Chua’s new book. we should share thoughts once we’ve both read it. oh, and speaking of RSS, thanks to you opening up my world to RSS and news feeds a couple yrs back, my google reader is now 2nd on my list of most visited sites (after email of course). I don’t know what i’d do w/o it.

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