to eat / what i ate recently

Last Saturday, we stopped by the Brooklyn Flea for the Bake Sale for Japan. My friend, Talida, lovingly baked for the sale.  I wanted to support her and the other bakers. And I love baked goods, not much convincing needed! She made matcha, azuki, and kurogama (black sesame) shortbread cookies. Visit her blog for recipes!

I also tried the olive oil pignoli cake from Il Buco. Delish. I am a huge fan of pignoli (pine nuts) and the olive oil made the cake so moist.

I also had to visit the Whimsy and Spice stand. The chocolate orange cardamom shortbread cookies caught my eye. I unintentionally amassed a lot of shortbread that day. The cookies are also perfect for making mini ice cream sandwiches.

We also waited in line forever for a huarache. It was pretty messy to eat and a bit salty.

In non-Flea eating news:

I picked this up from Sunrise Mart the other day – I’m not sure what it is called, but it is a jelly snack with tons of healthy kinako powder, which I discovered during my month in Japan. I think it is much healthier than the peanut powder used in Taiwan? :)

I also have to highlight Zabb City’s amazing mango and sticky rice dessert. I LOVE mango and this beats Sripraphai’s refrigerated version.

7 thoughts on “to eat / what i ate recently”

  1. Thanks for posting pictures!! Everything looks good, esp. jelly with kinako!

    And @woodley park-zoo – you’ve given me a wonderful idea: Rothko replication in cookie medium! ;)

  2. Sidenote: I think I still have two bags of kinako from my Tokyo trip a few years ago. How bad could expired kinako get? Kinako also tastes great on top of juicy strawberries drizzled with condensed milk… just sayin’ ;)

  3. YUM. Good question – I think I have a bag of kinako that’s as old as my kinako ice cream post from… eek… October 2009. If I dare try it, I’ll let you know. Or I might just get a new bag. :)

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