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Update: See the full Clare Vivier shopping directory post here

Miu Miu just launched their e-shop. What is shocking… is their prices. Can someone explain why their well-selling large, black matelasse leather clutch is $470 in their e-store (2011/05/03 edit: looks like they dropped the price to $395. Much better!), but $380 at Net-a-Porter (sold out most of the time)? Same size, same color. I walked into the Soho boutique last Fall and it was the latter price. Not surprisingly, it flew off the shelves.

In other clutch news, I went to LA for some business meetings. Around the same time, I read on Clare Vivier‘s blog that they were moving into a studio and open for appointments. So, I made an appointment. Her studio is located in the hip Silver Lake neighborhood. I wish I had more time to check out the area. Next time. Her assistant patiently showed me what was available and explained the different types of leathers to me. I prefer to see the clutches in person than order online due to the different types of leathers/thickness/textures. Clare arrived later on and we chatted briefly. So nice!

I ended up grabbing a few clutches, two being from the Remake collection: a soft, gray foldover; a sparkly, neutral flat; and a hot pink wallet. I’m still debating on gifting some of these :)

Sadly, the Sac Bretelle wasn’t in stock – this is probably one of the few items I have yet to see in person. I later reasoned that it is too similar to the MM6 clutch/crossbody that I got during the Saks after Christmas sale and the last thing I need is more black bags! I’ve also been on a crossbody bag kick lately and so far this style is only for the shoulder. I did see a similar bag in development that may be crossbody. I also saw the new navy La Trop. The Bando in camel was gorgeous. The one in poppy red was just as stunning. I think camel is more versatile than red (speaking as someone who has a red bag that doesn’t get as much usage).

If you’re thinking of buying Clare Vivier, the e-shop, Pretty Mommy, is having a great deal. 25% off $150 and free worldwide shipping (not sure when it’s ending)! She has promotions always running more often than not {hint: signup for her mailing list for promotions that aren’t featured on her site!} Her inventory does differ from the official CV shop – in some cases, additional colors, but not as many styles – so if you are interested in something, ask her if you can do a custom order. Pretty Mommy also carries Virginia Johnson scarves and a great smathering of other small/local designers.

Also, I think a third party maintains CV’s site for her. Just because it isn’t online doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it and I learned this from being an avid blog reader in her early days.

In the meantime, check out the pretty clutches at Revolve Clothing and Shopbop. They have the most clutches online outside of CV and Pretty Mommy.

7 thoughts on “to shop / clutches (miu miu + clare vivier)”

  1. AHHHH The clutches you got are DELICIOUS LOOKING! I wonder if I can pick your brain about some of the leathers, but I guess I can just inquire directly to CV when I’m ready… that hot pink is to die for — what are the dimensions if you can estimate or tell me please? Is that a special blue or something they have up on the site? I love how the stamp with ‘california’ is on the outside of that small pouch…

    I am really really dreaming of asking them to do something custom in pure yellow, like a Bando or Mini Sac, *DROOLS*… loved the yellow clutch that was posted on Clare’s blog that she said they sent to Lucky Mag.

    1. Sorry for the delayed response – I was on vacation :) Ask away. You can also email me at irenelikes at gmail dot com.

      The blue clutch is more of a dark blue-ish gray. I was told that this was a part of their Remake collection which is made from salvaged leather so in limited quantity. I didn’t see any more of this color/leather while I was there. The exterior stamp is fairly new :) The pink one may have been 5″ x 8″. I’ve been using it to hold my camera.

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