to shop / tommy hilfiger?

Don’t ask me how I got on Tommy Hilfiger’s mailing list. I got an email last week, announcing their 40% off Friends and Family sale. I decided to check it out since magazines occasionally featured something attractive from Tommy. Convincing: 40%, free shipping over $150, eBates cashback, and free returns.

Image source: (blame them for the awful resolution)

I ended up loving this striped top. I love stripes, but it’s not easy finding well-executed striped tops. This piece has flattering seams and can be dressed up or down. It fits TTS to a little big with a slim cut on the sleeves (which is very flattering). I usually prefer silk over polyester, but this piece is much more durable and easier to maintain in polyester. The roommate promptly ordered one, with plans to alter the tight elbows.

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  1. Annie said:

    I haven’t shopped at Tommy since jr high, haha!

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