to pamper / must-buy urban decay naked eyeshadow palette

The Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette was one of my best beauty buys last year. It is a GREAT BUY at $48. Sephora and UD couldn’t keep it on the shelves. I saw one at the Sephora in my office building last summer and jumped on it. They must have upped production because it’s back in stock.

Why is it such a great buy?

  • Consider that a full-sized UD eyeshadow is 0.05 oz and $17.
  • This palette has 12 full sized shadows (in very wearable shades) {$204 value}, an eyeshadow brush {$26 value}, and a travel size eyeshadow primer potion {negligible value for comparison purposes}. (The version I had came with eyeshadow pencils instead of the brush.)
  • $48 < $230 value. Not to mention that the shadows are very pigmented and wear/blend well.
  • At press time, my favorite eBates is offering a record 12% back for Let me know if I can refer you :)
  • If Sephora is sold out, you can also check the UD store.

And speaking of palettes, isn’t the color palette of these tulips so cheerful and uplifting? Thanks C for the flowers!

One thought on “to pamper / must-buy urban decay naked eyeshadow palette”

  1. Speaking of makeup, I found two (brand-new) tubes of Fiberwig in my stockpile. Guess I’m good for another few more months!

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