to watch / woody allen’s midnight in paris

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris opened in NYC yesterday. We caught it at the Angelika in Soho – I’ve never seen such a long line! I believe this is Woody’s first movie fully filmed in Paris. I read that Woody wanted to film this back in 2006, but it was too expensive. The movie was a visual sensation and made me miss Paris! I watched the trailer ahead of the movie, but hadn’t read anything about the movie. I was surprised that Carla Bruni (France’s First lady) made an appearance. She looked amazing. Owen Wilson was perfectly casted for his character. This is a perfect movie for those who wished they lived in a bygone era.

Image source: IMDB and Getty Images

The story line is whimsical, romantic, lively, yet with many Woody Allen-esque diatribes between the main characters. Despite being set in Paris, the fashion was very simple – more American than French – with many belted outfits for the ladies. Overall, it was an lighthearted, entertaining movie. If you liked this movie, I strongly recommend Match Point and Vicky Cristina Barcelona over Midnight in Paris (which were set in London and Barcelona, respectively).

I need to catch up on his older classics. I’ve never seen Annie Hall!

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