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My dad surprised me this week and bought my mom a Kindle, so she didn’t have to weight lift massive hardcovered books. He surprised me more when he insisted that I needed one. I am more often than not behind on email and didn’t respond for days. In his impatience, he went ahead and bought me one anyways.

I rarely buy books. Partially, because I rarely read books. I blame lack of time (and I adore my RSS feeds). I bought a few fun books lately that I wanted to share: Orla Kiely’s Pattern and Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook, My Father’s Daughter. I also recently purchased a Marimekko “mook” which is affectionately known as a Japanese magazine+book. I’ve been a huge fan of Orla Kiely, Gwyneth, and Marimekko for years. These books could never come across on the Kindle, or would be difficult to view on the iPad.

I saw the Orla book in a department store boutique in Taipei – which reminded me to purchase it once I got home. If you love Orla and want the book, don’t wait. The first time I ordered it from Amazon, my order got cancelled because they ran out of stock. I scoured other booksellers online and placed another order. That one got cancelled too. I re-checked Amazon and was ecstatic to see that they restocked. Orla and Gwyneth’s books arrived on my doorstep in 2 days. Thanks, Amazon Prime!

Pattern has six chapters on Orla’s life, inspiration, color, print, collections, and home. The book is filled with beautiful images. I like all the color interpretations of the stem print and especially the home products. I still regret returning most of my ceramic mug stash from the Target collab. It is one of the best home collabs to date and I reasoned that I didn’t have much kitchen cabinet storage. All of the ceramic products go for a lot on eBay these days. BIG regret. Like Marimekko, I don’t own many Orla products. I prefer to gawk at the prints instead and wait to invest on something I love.

I haven’t cracked open My Father’s Daughter  yet, but I bought it after reading good reviews on my blogroll and hope to try at least a few recipes.

Now, on to “mooks”. There is a Kinokinuya bookstore near my office and every once in a while, I take a trip there. I like to look at the various Japanese magazines and see what their freebies are. In addition, many labels publish a mook to promote their upcoming line and the mook is accompanied with a small gift. Bags are popular freebies (Asian girls LOVE bags!), but I’ve also seen flip flops, cosmetic mirror, or even an umbrella. Many of these mooks are available on Kinokinuya’s site above. These Singaporean blogs have the latest magazine freebies and mooks: [1] [2].

I had tons of fun checking out the magazine/mook area at the 24 hours Taipei Dunhwa location of Eslite. They had the highly sought after YSL Beaute mook/bag and a Tsumori Chisato mook/bag. I did an excellent job of convincing myself not to get either. I was able to look through the TC mook a few days later at the Taipei boutique and was glad I didn’t get it, in that most of the items in it are impossible to find in the US and the mook is a total tease!

My defenses wore down a bit when I saw a Marimekko mook, celebrating 60 years of Marimekko, at Narita airport. On my way to McD’s (haha), I passed by the bookstore, which has the most extensive magazine selection I’ve seen in the airport (and I’ve spent quite a bit of time there), Japanese books, English books, and… mooks. The mook I got is available online here. And it looks like there was another one that came out the same month and is sold at Crate & Barrel. There are also plenty of mook sellers on eBay.

I really wish I learned Japanese… In the mean time the images are eye candy enough!

I have a dress in the Samovaari print.

I really like the Hapsu sleeveless dress.

This looks interesting and would be a perfect companion for sweaty NYC subways…

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