to eat / what i ate recently

Edi & the Wolf (East Village) – Brunch. Super fluffy scrambled eggs with crispy onions and speck.

Torrisi (Nolita, previously featured here) – Limited seating every night. Menu changes every day depending on what is in season. We got a table for 9:30pm. The antipasti consisted of fresh mozzarella and toast (AMAZING), sweetbreads, seafood salad, and another salad. We had the gnocchi, which were fluffy little pillows of goodness. For the main, we shared the John Dory (which wasn’t cooked with marsala as stated on the menu), the bbq lamb, and an amazing shortrib (we cleaned the bone real good). The house pastry was an assortment of cookies, after a quick grapefruit sorbet palate cleanser. The rainbow cookie and fresh cream puff were faves. The celery salt cookies were not. You can take away cookies $0.50/per.

Manhattan Cocktail Classic “British Invasion” event at Eleven Madison Park (Flatiron) – This was on the EMP “patio”. The charming Crooners played Beatles songs for hours and they passed around excellent fish and chips. I won’t mention how many I had, but it made me miss my trip to Ireland last May! There were 6 signature cocktails and table service :)

Eataly (Flatiron) – We skipped over to Eataly afterwards because the line at Shake Shack was too long. I made the mistake of getting a yummy, but too rich hot chocolate and proscuitto foccacia bread. Lesson learned that alcohol and something really rich does not mix.

Doughnut Plant (Various) – The creme brulee doughnut is one of my faves. My coworker dumped one on my desk. I had planned to go to the gym, but my plans were derailed by work. (I did make it later and ended up only working off the doughnut…)

Ippudo (East Village) – It seems like every Asian friend that visits has this place on their list. I actually am not a fan of authentic ramen and only go to Ippudo when friends visit. I had a bad experience the last time I came (another example of where too much beer and creamy tonkotsu broth do not mix!), so I settled for a spicy pork bun and the clear chicken broth based ramen.

Cienfuegos (East Village) – BUA was packed with too many kids that night. After a Pimm’s cup (where we got asked by one too many people what the heck we were drinking), we headed over to this rum-based kitschy decorated gem. Surprisingly there was no wait and the kitchens were still open. We started with the plaintain chips and spicy guac, then the macaroon cookie/ice cream dessert which was not worth the calories. We also shared a huge bowl of rum punch. I don’t remember the name and it’s not on their online menu, but it was definitely yummy. It was a hot night. Luckily we got prime seating by the windows and fake window flowers, where there was some breeze.

Rai Rai Ken (East Village) – P introduced me to RRK’s seafood fried rice a few years back. Yes, Asians paying for fried rice. They use butter and it is so delicious. Interesting tidbit: many of the EV finer Japanese restaurants are owned by one man.

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