to shop / shopping booty from taipei and seoul

I tinkered with the iPad settings (and even downloaded/setup an iPad user agent to see what it would look like), so iPad users, hopefully things are prettier and less pixelated.

This trip to Asia was a bit different. I would like to think I’ve grown a little wiser when it comes to shopping. Both Taiwan and Korea sell plenty of cheap junk which add no value to your life. I successfully avoided most of it and focused my attention on scouring the racks for nude/neutral toned and polka dotted tops for most of the trip. Just ask my friends :)


1) Alostyle – my friends arrived half a day ahead of me and scoped out this place to get glasses. Lightweight. Less than USD $90 (₩29,000 frames + ₩60,000 Carl Zeiss lenses). 45 minute turnaround time. There are multiple frame tiers and I went for the cheapest ones. We had to go for the highest tier for lenses since our prescription is high.

2) Some design museum shop in Hong Dae. The gingko post-it note display was beautiful, so I had to pick up a few. And I read about the leaf cord ties a while back before they started production. They have various colors, but I thought the green one looked the best.

Credit: designboom

3) Not pictured. Facial masks. On the last full day, we stopped by Myeong-dong to get glasses and check out the beauty shops. There are a few stores (including Skin Food, Face Shop, Ettusais, Tony Moly), which seem to dominate every other block. It was a bit ridiculous. I felt obligated and stocked up on lots of masks at Skin Food. It was nice that there are plenty of signs and packaging in Chinese. It helped with deciphering the facial mask packs.

That’s it for Korea, for now.


4) Cosmetics. You don’t have to go far to find the fun Shiseido-owned  or Korean labels. I always shop at Watson’s and shop around because not all Watson’s are created equal. E.g. the one by Sogo had products bundled with freebies. All of the stores were also giving a voucher with a purchase of $X. I churned that deal a few times. Another chain was running a mascara promotion, but barely carried any mascara. Weird. Pictured below is my new mascara stash, which I will go in further detail once I test the Majolica Majorcas out!

5) Design store, at the 24 hour flagship on Dung Hwa Rd (note that the design store is not 24/7, only the bookstore is). I purchased this silicone bookmark/bracelet set in nude and hot pink. The hot pink one went to the roommate.

6) Cacharel x Uniqlo. As mentioned here, I snagged one of the Cacharel x Uniqlo collab t-shirts. It is pictured below underneath my friend’s wedding favor – a mini teapot, which traveled from LA => Seoul => Taipei => NYC.

7) Michael Kors gold watch. I got this watch ages ago but never wore it because it was too big. I finally got it adjusted in Taipei for $2. Don’t ask me why I chose to lug this heavy watch half way around the world to adjust.

8) Totoro plush. I picked up this buddy at Narita. It is less than the size of the palm of my hand… and goes great with my bedroom color scheme.

I have more booty that I’ll share another time. It may be because I still need to finish unpacking…

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