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I remember pre-RSS, a friend and I used to have a running gmail thread where we shared links with each other. It died down with the introduction of RSS readers.  I kind of miss emails like that.

What I’ve been bookmarking/reading:

  • pinterest. Fairly new startup, it is easy to to save images by “pinning” them on a board and share them w/ friends. I won’t be sharing all of my bookmarks, but will share a good chunk. Let me know if you want an invite!
  • themakersproject. A beautiful look into many of brooklyn’s finest local businesses. If photographer Jennifer Causey sounds familiar, perhaps you follow her simply breakfast blog, which was published into books.
  • I can never have too many Baggu bags, can I? I will be checking out this sale this weekend. Many independent designers will be featured.
  • Traveling between Chicago and LA or SF? Make sure you sign up for the double EQM promotions, started in response to Virgin America’s new service to Chicago. Registration link for United and AA.
  • Think United = Continental? Not quite. Just to give an example, I booked an award ticket to Quebec City. United’s options were limited (blocked alliance options) AND started at 50,000+ miles. Continental gave me a reasonable option for 25,000 miles. I’m glad I have miles because flights to YQB are pricey!
  • Looking for something on Craigslist? Craiggers makes navigating the prehistoric site slightly easier.
  • Ming Makes Cupcakes’s baking blog is mouthwatering and gorgeous! Almost makes me want to bust out my Kitchen Aid.

Images from Ming Makes Cupcakes

2 thoughts on “to read / click happy”

  1. I still don’t get what RSS is hehehe. I <3 Bethenny too!! wow those cupcakes look sooooooooooooo yummmyyyy

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