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My food pics are too disorganized… I’m fast forwarding a bit since my last food post.

I’d never been to ABC Kitchen, but kept on hearing about it, so I included it in my itinerary for Parisian friend, E, back in June. The weekend was an overall success and she changed her mind on American dining. She LOVED ABC Kitchen so much that she ordered another helping of the crab toast to go (in lieu of airplane dining). The restaurant was also gracious in sharing how they make the crab toast and carrot/avocado salad.

ABC Kitchen is currently at the top of my ‘recommend’ list. A dear college friend was recently in town (her last visit before she moves across the Pacific!) so I recommended reservations at ABC Kitchen. She (and our other mutual friend) has good, high-end taste (c’est Jean Georges) so it’s only proper we go somewhere tasty and classy!

ABC Kitchen (35 E 18th St, NYC; Flatiron)

The service is great. Reservations aren’t too hard to get for small parties and are available via OpenTable. They have some flexibility if you call. I also love how they seat incomplete parties! I was admiring my friend’s three(!) stacked Hermes clic enamel bracelets while we were waiting for the third to arrive. She even let me try on my fave – the PM orange with gold hardware. I’m glad their price increase is minuscule compared to our friends at Chanel.

The three of us shared an app, a salad, a pizza, and two entrees. We started with the crab toast with lemon aioli – a must. I believe this is also on the dinner menu. The crispy, well oiled toast (I think it is olive oil) and loads of crabmeat are key.

Glimpsing at Yelp reviews, the roasted carrot and avocado salad with crunchy seeds, sour cream, and citrus is also a crowd favorite. A perfect bite consists of some greens, carrot, avocado, and crouton (as crispy as the toast). I hated carrots and peas as a child and have been completely converted through these market-to-table restaurants.

They really wanted to try the pizza. I love egg pizza so we got the mushrooms, parmesan, oregano, and farm egg pizza. This is probably the best whole wheat pizza I’ve ever had. The egg was properly cooked over easy and the medley of mushrooms was delicious.

We love oysters, so when they told us one of the specials was fried oysters and scrambled eggs, of course, we jumped for it. The oysters were perfectly breaded and slightly spicy, the farm eggs were such a fresh, deep yellow, and a light green salad accompanied the spicy kick. Don’t you love the tableware? Everything is sold in the adjacent ABC Home store.

We also shared the smoked salmon with potato roesti, creme fraiche, and grated horseradish. The menu doesn’t mention dill, which I’m a huge fan of. As much as I love smoked fish, I think this dish is best shared.

On an unrelated ABC Kitchen note, I’ve been eating tons of veggie and fruits, thanks to a FreshDirect promo. The walkup I live in is a deterrent to massive watermelon consumption. I ordered watermelon, oranges, grapefruit, tons of berries, papaya, mangoes, and tropical fruit I’ve never eaten, at a very reasonable price. Seen in the center below is a cherimoya (part of the custard apple family). I had a watermelon juice factory going on for a bit. It was fun while it lasted.

It’s also been a while since I had a mangosteen – since when did they allow fresh ones into the country? – and fresh figs. I later stuffed the figs with chevre and lavender honey and wrapped them in proscuitto. Delicious!

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