general / {august 4, 2011} brain dump

I haven’t had time to churn out posts lately, so here is a brain dump.


  • I came across this great deal on one of my travel blogs. If you have the British Airways Visa (which I got during the 110,000 mile promotion), get $50 credit at any Michelin starred restaurant in NYC. Up to $100 credit. $50 purchase minimum. Many one-starred restaurants are very reasonably priced (and delicious).
  • There are too many options in my neighborhood.
  • Butter Lane‘s strawberry cheesecake cupcake is delicious. I brought some to a friend’s friend’s potluck and wish I kept it for myself. Haha.
  • Really looking forward to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop opening. It’ll be a bit longer
  • There is a new, boozy bakery, Jane’s Sweet Buns, on my block. Something about the exterior seems icky (and maybe I never got over the fact that De La Vega doesn’t live there anymore). I’ll get around to checking out the inside one of these days. Its owner has Death & Co. roots.


  • I wish Alexander McQueen made more scarves without skulls on it.
  • I dislike princess sleeves or ruffled suit pieces. I can’t remember the last time I saw a tasteful interpretation of it, but I definitely don’t like it on grown women in a business setting.
  • How much exposed zipper can one take?
  • Gap needs to stop their (additional) 40% off sales. J.Crew’s additional 40% off didn’t help either.
  • Reminder to self: I am done with (buying) suits for a while.
  • So tempting, can’t help but look!
  • I love tasteful floral prints like those by Liberty of London. Urban Outfitters has marked down Sessun x Liberty pieces. Some significantly.
  • Zara e-commerce is kicking off next month! I can’t wait for H&M and Uniqlo to hop on the bandwagon. The H&M by my office is always mobbed.
  • I like returning things and getting credited – although if I never bought it in the first place, I would’ve never been charged…
  • I hate blogs that use slideshows (e.g. Refinery29, SeriousEats) and don’t give you an option to view all on one page.
  • I almost missed the Gilt Final Sale Part 1. (Ask me for a referral!) There is nothing like buying designer flannel at 85% off. Haha.


  • I don’t feel like going on vacation for a while, but Sardinia is on my mind.


  • I’ve been experiencing puberty-level breakouts. Well, I’m guessing puberty-level, but I never had to experience this as a teenager.
  • I love Eva Chen’s blog. She’s an editor over at Teen Vogue, which I get for free thanks to Forever 21. Haha…
  • I’ve been using Shiseido brand Majolica Majorca’s Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara lately. It sets fast and lengthens like my other fave Diorshow Iconic. Once it sets, it doesn’t budge, even in the sweatiest of days. On the downside, it is near impossible to remove. I had to bust out my (expired) FANCL cleansing oil to remove it. Even Neutrogena wasn’t effective enough. My mother bought way too much cleansing oil, thinking she was doing me a favor. FANCL has a very short shelf life and expiration dates! Let me know if you find the risks of using expired cleansing oil.


  • I can’t wait for the next T-Mobile Blackberry Bold! My BB revolted for a few hours after I overtethered. It recovered by the time yoga class was over. Phew.
  • I can’t wait for the Target x Missoni collab! September 13!
  • I’ve been diligently eBaying stuff, including vintage* Gap and J.Crew. Don’t underestimate its value on eBay. At the same time, don’t underestimate eBay and PayPal fees, or the pack and ship process. I’ve gotten the latter down pretty well thanks to my eBaying days in school, but I know it confuses the heck out of most people and that’s probably because they’re actually going to a post office.
  • I love Anthropologie’s home store, Terrain! They have the elderflower presse my friend J bought in Ireland! (As does Wegmans… why is it so far?) I can’t wait to visit in person (or visit the Anthropologie flagship again even though I rarely buy anything from them).
  • I hate mean and rude people. Too bad I have to interact with some almost every day.

*Used very loosely.

3 thoughts on “general / {august 4, 2011} brain dump”

  1. I’m really looking forward to the Missoni at Target too! I’m going to stake out! But I really hope they have a lot of the stuff they showed in the lookbook and its not going to be one of those things where they only sell certain things at certain locations (which i’m sure it will be)!!!

    1. I’ll have to message you some tips… I think Target has hyped up this collection enough that they’ll have plenty of everything, as long as you don’t wait too long!

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