general / where’s my picture?

People often ask me, “where’s my picture???”, only to be greeted with an indefinite answer. I like to take pictures. Way more often than I have time to post-process them. I’m also not that great at managing my multiple sources of photos, hence the major delay in “what I ate” posts. I post-process all pictures that are not coming out of my Blackberry… and it takes time!! And I hate when people pressure me for pictures. Some people can be (borderline) rude about it and it’s unacceptable behavior, even if I am family or a close friend. A thank you also goes a long way :)

Example. While I would love for these pancakes (made and styled by Talida Bakes) to look fabulous straight out of the camera, it needs some touching up. Here’s a before and after. I currently use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.



Multiple the work here by 1000’s of pictures… and it brings me to the backlog I have today!

5 thoughts on “general / where’s my picture?”

  1. hehe, I have pictures from 2008 still needing to be worked on. :) I don’t believe I’ll ever catch up…

    and thanks for capturing a lovely picture!

  2. How do you like lightroom, irene? Im thinking about purchasing for post, touch up work too, but not sure which to buy…..

  3. I didn’t realize people photoshopped pictures!!! Like for real! =D And it is rude for people to hassle you to upload pics, tell them to back off!

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