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Growing up, we frequented the Giordano/Bossini/Hang Ten chain stores across Taipei and Hong Kong. In 2009, I noticed Giordano Ladies in Hong Kong during a shopping rampage and quickly fell in love.

They describe their aesthetic as clean, simple, modern classic, timeless, and personality. Each collection has a few choice items and they don’t stock a lot. When I was in Taipei in April, I had to go to a few freestanding locations and a department store location to get a full look. And even then, my size had completely run out for some new items. COS is on my must-see list whenever I’m traveling to a city with a store. In Asia, Giordano Ladies is on the top of my list.

The majority of each collection is black, simply designed, and in a lush wrinkle-free material. Service is consistent with the rest of Asia – very attentive. They offer free alterations for pants, so factor in that time if you need it! As much as I love COS, their items are mostly cut for tall Norwegian women. Giordano Ladies is Asian-friendly.

One nice thing is their “privilege card” program. I caught an amazing end-of-the-season sale in HK in March 2009 and made the cut. I have no idea where my card is, but whenever, I pop into the store, they’re able to look up my card which may bring additional discounts or freebies!

Image source: and their shop’s Facebook pages.

2 thoughts on “to shop / giordano ladies”

  1. good day,
    I have seen your wonderful design. where can I buy this? I am in switzerland, but I would be able to send a friend to buy some cloth. do you have a catalog? thank you. I am only waearing black.
    sincerely, hedi-k. ernst

    1. Hi, this is not my design. It’s a label called Giordano Ladies that is available in Asia only. If you’re interested, visit their website or stores if you’re in Asia!

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