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I’d love to deck my home out in Missoni Home a la Rachel Zoe, alas such funds do not exist. (I just did some research because I was curious what Roger did because I’m sure he funded Rachel’s Chanel addiction. He is an ex-investment bankert turned internet media/advertising business owner.) While she was suffering from vertigo and sprawled on her bed, I was admiring her bed set. The longly awaited Missoni for Target collection is launching soon on  September 13!

These designer collaborations are great in theory, but oftentimes the execution can be a great disappointment. I didn’t buy anything from the Calypso collab; Calypso sale prices are close to Target prices. And you can easily compare the Missoni for Target home pieces with the real deal. Some of the designs for Target just don’t catch my eye. There are also so many pieces in the women’s collection that it can be easy to overbuy. I’ve gone through the lookbook that has been posted on blogs a gazillion times and targeted a few items, no pun intended.

From left to right:

  • Look 4 – I like the skirt and the space dye twinset. Each piece is $29.99 – $44.99.
  •  Look 15 – I like everything except the puffer jacket. The knit pieces run you $39.99 – $49.99. The sweater and blouse are online only. The space dye tights aren’t bad either and set you back $16.
  • Look 16 – I love the long cardigan. $49.99.
  • Look 18 – I like the playfulness of this outfit, but I’d never be able to pull it off. Skirt, $39.99; silk scarf, $19.99; ballet flats, $29.99. The ballet flats will be hard to resist!
  • Look 23 (not pictured) – cute bedroom robe/cami/shorts set for $19.99 – $34.99.
  • Look 50 – If they are selling girls’ pieces up to XL or XXL, it’s worth checking out. The knit pieces cap out at $29.99.

On to the home stuff…

Clockwise from top left:

  • Look 72sx – Most of Orla Kiely’s Target collection was melamine – ick. Most of this collection is melamine too, but you’ll find some ceramic serving platters, plates, and espresso cups. The rightmost tray is sadly melamine. They run $19.99 – $24.99.
  • Look 80 – GORGEOUS file folders. $4.99 – $9.99 .
  • Look 65 – Is it time for a new shower curtain? And the vivid colors of the towels are hard to resist. $10.99/$12.99 per towel; $34.99 curtain.
  • Look 83 – Sweater box for $14.99? Sure.
  • Look 62 – Beautiful throw for $39.99… this will probably sell out fast.

Come September 13, please don’t bother me.

3 thoughts on “to shop / my missoni for target picks”

  1. I like to pillow’s Rachel’s sitting next to, do you? I’ve never been a Missoni fan but I think its because the designs are too much for me. But i like those home furnishings… i never remember to actually go to Target to see those designer collections!!

    1. i like the pillow. the expensive missoni home line has less crazy designs. i think the target stuff is more colorful because the deep colors hides what quality it lacks =P but seriously, her home bedroom set looks really nice. “i die”!

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