to shop / shop zara us online!

Zara just launched their e-commerce site today! (Thanks, P, for all of your hard work! Besos!) I am a great illustration of “New York lazy” when I say I don’t have time to go to Zara even though there is one an avenue away from my office… I rarely walk in that direction or leave the building for lunch =P That’s why there are so many Starbucks in this city. That Zara is also in a high tourist area and I dislike store handled (icky) merchandise.

I love how you can choose free delivery to your home or to a Zara store of your choice. My mailman hates me enough as it is! There is such much eyecandy on the site and I love when sites have “new this week” feature.

~ Cute shoes (affordable, but in my experience, not super comfy — I rate them above J.Crew) ~

~ Do I need to explain my infatuation with lace? This is similar to a Forever 21 top that I missed out on last summer. ~

~ This crochet lace top has an edgy feel that reminds me of the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit. ~

~ In browsing the site, I have also confirmed my infatuation with off-white/black contrast silky tops. (L to R) Jeffrey Montiero Kiera (Spring 2010), Zara blouse with contrasting collar, Milly Chantelle lace blouse (Fall 2010). I own the first and last tops. ~

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