to eat / farewell to m. wells

M. Wells opened in July 2o10 and quickly caught the attention of the food crowd as an Quebeco-American diner with far from standard diner fare . My friend, Talida, lives near M. Wells and offered to take me for my birthday (which is in November). Our schedules are always so busy that we didn’t manage to get it on our calendars until M. Wells announced they were closing. Luckily, Talida got a dinner reservation before they closed the reservation books. You can read her thoughts on the meal here.

We had a delightful, food coma-inducing dinner. If you’re an adventurous eater, I suggest visiting with good group of fellow adventurous eaters since many dishes are portioned to share. With only weeks to go until closing, M. Wells was very busy (with long lines through the night), but we had excellent, attentive service.

If you didn’t get a chance to eat here, don’t worry. They will (hopefully) reopen when they find a location with a suitable rent.

~ A few shots of the menu (because I like looking at menus) ~

~ Owner Hugue Dufour ~

~ Opening drinks ~

~ Mine was a sparkling wine with peach puree. Oddly, it reminded me of the Taiwanese sour plum drink. It was delicious and refreshing. ~

~ Beau Soleil oysters with tomato compote ~

~ One of our favorites, mussels velouté with a healthy dose of foie gras ~

~ Caesar salad with smoked herring dressing ~

~ General Tso’s sweetbreads with pineapple and black pepper greens. I love sweetbreads, but the chunks here were too big for my liking. ~

~ Sanguette — chicken blood crepe with pickled onions and cilantro.  I’d never had this before. It reminds me of the edges of a just grilled burger. ~

~ Our last dish — escargots and bone marrow cooked with shallots and red wine puree ~

~ Moving on to dessert, we shared a slice of the banana cream pie (MMM) and currant cheesecake ~

~ Until next time, M. Wells! ~

Thanks, Tim and Talida, for a wonderful dinner!

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