to shop / missoni for target, review no. 1

The Internet has been too much craziness with the HP Touchpad fire sale and now the Missoni x Target mess. Hopefully, by now, everyone is over it. I decided at some point that they were all nice-to-have items, not must-haves. I’m writing about two things today: the girls’ collection and how I strategized for the sale. I was able to order everything that I wanted through multiple orders, except the folders because they were in-store only. My first shipment arrived yesterday.

Now, if you’re female and under a US size 6, and still bummed about missing out on clothes, read on. The Liberty of London collab was the first collab that went beyond womenswear. During that sale, I learned that L and XL in the girls’ collection could fit most women who were M or under. Not to mention the girls’ collection was also cheaper, sold out slower, and made with 100% cotton (whereas polyester was used for most of the women’s items). This sale was no different.

The purple poncho and striped cardigan is available in all sizes. The striped vest is available up to L. (The striped pieces remind me of Scandinavian fashion more than Italian — I like it.) The largest available size for the sleeveless sweater dress is M and my roommate/I agreed that it looks more flattering when the back is worn as the front. I haven’t seen the poncho, but I would say that the sizing of the cardigan and vest is generous. The XL can fit a size 6 easily. The sweater dress fits a bit smaller. It might fit you if you’re a 0.

On to strategy, here are a few things I did:

  • I followed my normal Target designer collab launch strategy of waking up extra early (not divulging the time!), twice. The first time I woke up, only a fraction of items were available on the mobile site. The second time was the charm as the full collection was rolled out on the dot com site a few minutes prior.
  • Checked TargetStyle’s Facebook and Twitter. This is the first time I can remember Target using social media for real time updates on the collab. A criticism I have is their Twitter didn’t bother responding to non-public twitters (my main account is personal and private). And they responded to Facebook comments selectively. But, you gotta love how people are trading sizes/items on the page and banding against the eBay sellers!
  • Given the broad range of the collection, I pored over their online lookbook prior to the launch date and mentally rated my picks in order of likelihood to sell-out and level of desire.
  • Because I did the prior step, I noticed some items I wanted didn’t show up in their product category pages… but did show up via search.
  • I knew and Amazon had parted ways 3 weeks prior to the launch date. I’d previously checked out on via my Amazon account, so I made sure my account was ready to shop.
  • As I was filling my cart, when it hit a certain size, I checked out. Had I not done this, some things I really wanted would’ve sold out before I checked out. Most sites don’t reserve items in your cart!
  • Since I woke up early and started shopping before most of the country, I had enough time to get cashback via eBates on all of my orders!

A few items are backordered until October, but I hope everything else arrives as planned (fingers crossed)! I wasn’t aware of how overmarketed this launch was. I mean, they did create a Tumblr just for it! Penned by a freaky looking, humongous doll! Perhaps the Fashion Night Out event at Bryant Park should’ve clued Target in to add more servers?

For anyone who’s been tempted to overpay for Missoni x Target home products, Ron Robinson is doing 15% off their regular home collection.

3 thoughts on “to shop / missoni for target, review no. 1”

  1. Did you get everything you want from the collection? I am still trying for the shortsleeved multicolored sweater dress in pink and green! Its a super long shot though!

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