to eat / chef’s table suckling pig table at the breslin

With the amount of restaurants, cafes, patisseries, etc. popping up in the city every day, it can take a while before I make my way to one. I’d been to the Stumptown in the Ace Hotel, but never the adjacent gastropub. After a delicious trip to Quebec, my friend N asked if I wanted to join the suckling pig feast at the Breslin. I couldn’t find a reason not to.

We had a group of ten. We added a few bottles of wine to the meal. It was a very meat heavy meal and despite everyone’s best efforts, we left with a ton of leftovers. As an ice cream lover, the cherry topped ice cream at the end of the meal was the perfect ending to a charming evening. Overall, I think the Breslin’s price point on this meal is a bit high. I’d charged the meal to my British Airways Visa, realizing later that I was getting a $50 credit because the Breslin has a Michelin star!

~ The menu ~

~ Half of the group ~

~ The surroundings ~

~ This caesar salad with anchovy dressing had very crispy croutons, but couldn’t hold a torch to the one from M. Wells that I had only a few days ago. ~

~ The little pig was brought out and laid smack in the middle of the table ~

~ The two salsas rossa and verde, which I didn’t get much of. They should’ve brought out more than 4 bowls for the table. ~

~ Duck fat roasted potatoes, swiss chard, and roasted carrots (not pictured). ~

~ The server deboned the pig for us. ~

~ Steam was pouring out ~

~ They took the head away and brought it dissected on a board for us. Snout, ears, the brains, etc. ~

~ Two huge bowls of yummy homemade ice cream with cherry sauce. Not gonna lie, I could’ve eaten an entire bowl on my own for dinner. ~

4 thoughts on “to eat / chef’s table suckling pig table at the breslin”

  1. Fantastic write up on a fantastic meal. Totally agree, it’s a bit overpriced but hey sometimes you just gotta live… Was I kissing the pig or eating it? I suppose it’s all the same…

    1. thanks, Ning! This is one example where the company was equally a part of the experience and made it all worthwhile :)

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