to shop / baggu updates

One of the reasons why I love Baggu so much is because it is so affordable. It makes a great, useful gift. I also love bags and compartmentalizing everything in my purse. I gotta protect the nice stuff from the dangerous/sharp/dirty stuff!

Since Baggu is based in Williamsburg, I’ve been fortunate in getting good deals at warehouse and sample sales. I now have problems paying retail, even though Baggu is already so cheap! Since the Mociun collection blew out of stock fairly quick, I regret not purchasing any. I won’t miss it when they restock! (Love the responsiveness of their Facebook page.)

Also, how divine does this leather Baggu look? I am picky about my leather products though and so far Clare Vivier’s leather is hard to beat in quality and value. The Baggu leather pricing is in the mid-$100’s and it is unclear whether the one pictured is small or medium. I’ll have to wait to see the leather Baggu’s in person and this look too similar to my Clare Vivier camel bando bag.

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