to eat & shop / lulu & missoni

I found myself in Chelsea on Thursday for a work-related errand. I owed some people in the office cupcakes and found Lulu Cake Boutique after a quick Google Maps search. Don’t you love it when technology doesn’t lead you astray?

I haven’t seen a bakery as well-diversified as Lulu in a while. They had tons of cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and gourmet snowballs galore. I saved a peanut butter and jelly filled cupcake to bring home. I love how there are containers for solo cupcake purchases and that the cupcakes are smaller than standard. I also picked up a gourmet Italian rainbow cookie (I still prefer the real thing).

A bunch of my Missoni homewares arrived. Suburban folks, be very glad you don’t have to lug your orders up six flights of stairs. Target does not know how to pack and ship light. After I recovered from lugging all these boxes up the stairs, I was excited to start using this chic Missoni for Target melamine serving tray — the only exception I made for melamine.

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