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This is my first “to decorate” post, because I’m super slow with home to-do’s…

The Ikea PS Sinka cabinet has been written up in various interior design magazines and blogs. It debuted in the Spring of 2009. I’d been wanting this PS collection piece after seeing it featured on various design blogs, but it was hard to procure — it wasn’t sold at all Ikeas and stock was limited.

Image source: Ikea

Image source

Image source

Image source: Lotta Agaton via style-files

Image source: Elle Interior Sweden via style-files

I had a slight panic attack last week when I clicked on my Ikea PS Sinka bookmark (as I have been doing for an year) and saw that it was no longer found! If you’re in the New York area, this item is only carried at the Long Island and Paramus, NJ locations. I found the article number through Google cache (801.415.91) and was ecstatic when 7 units were reported through Paramus’ phone inventory system. In my experience, “7” means a strong likelihood that you’d find one in stock. In actuality, there were 2 in stock when I stopped by near closing time.

If you’ve had your eye on this piece, don’t wait. There were reports in the European Ikeas that this item was discontinued an year ago. And I think it is getting discontinued here. The product page getting pulled from the Ikea site should be the first sign. And the item getting marked down to $149 from $249 should be the second.

Also to note, this item comes in two boxes of solid birch wood. They total 100 lbs. It took me a while to get them up my sixth floor walkup and thank goodness my roommate was able to help me. It’s been a while since I assembled anything from Ikea. I’m 1/3 way through and am afraid I need to take a break before I haul everything up and continue on the seventh floor!

4 thoughts on “to decorate / ikea ps sinka”

  1. I m leaving in Australia and this product is discontinue since a few months…I really want one,any ideas or suggestion where I could find one? Thx and enjoy yours :)

    1. Look on websites like Craigslist or call your Australia IKEAs and ask if they have any info on Article Number: 801.415.91.

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