to eat / peter luger’s steakhouse

My friend’s been bugging me to take him to Peter Luger’s ever since he quit his day job. He’s since resumed work halfway around the world, but the bugging continued, so I promised him steak during his next stateside visit as a thank you for helping me with my fantasy team.

I made reservations less than a week ahead and was slightly worried they would be full, but I easily got a 9:45pm seating on a Sunday night. It was their last seating and the place was still bustling when we arrived.

I’ve heard of negative service, but our service was fine. We got a bottle of red, a slab of bacon (I’m glad we didn’t get more because it is thick and fatty), creamed spinach, and a medium rare porterhouse for two. Proper steak.

My friend unexpectedly ended paying for half! The place is cash only unless you have their credit card. I left super stuffed (shouldn’t have eaten earlier), satisfied, and sleepy.

5 thoughts on “to eat / peter luger’s steakhouse”

  1. A slab of bacon?! How big?! What does that mean? I must know!! Is the last picture just a slice of the slab??

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