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I work well on deadlines. Well, it’s not much of a choice when you just have too much going on, especially with work. (My life is not my own.) I probably wouldn’t have anything on my wall if it weren’t for a scheduled housewarming party. I remember my friend C helping me as I was nailing everything up an hour before the party!

I’d framed a few photos I’d taken earlier in the summer  in Prague, Brugge, Paris, London, and Dubrovnik — I had crazy traveling schedule that summer! Prints were from a printing shop around the corner and frames are from IKEA. The Ribba to be exact. Not all sizes are shown online. I ended up getting Ribba frames for almost all of my prints/photos. I recently bought two prints from etsy to refresh the frames.

I also have the gorgeous and intricate Tord Boontje Until Dawn curtain in white hanging in one corner of my room. At $145, I didn’t quite jump to buy it, but I happened to see it on clearance a few months earlier at a Taipei boutique department store (in The Mall on Dunghwa S Rd). I think it was 75% off and since it was the same amount of effort to hand-carry one home from Taipei as it was to carry two, I bought two, eBayed one, and broke even.

Moving on to prints I’ve bought and framed, but have yet to break out the hammer and nails, or have yet to mat and frame:

.: For Like Ever :.

I was an avid reader of the now deceased Domino magazine and this poster has made its rounds on the design blogs as well. They printed tons more — the first one I got was accidentally thrown out by the cleaning lady and then it sold out on website. I ended up finding it at another boutique. At 24″ by 36″, this isn’t the easiest print to frame. Thanks to my laziness, I never got around to getting a quote from a frame shop and picked up a Ribba on my recent trip to IKEA for mission PS Sinka. I’d grabbed a few extra frames because I didn’t have cellphone reception in the showroom and most of the warehouse. I might do a custom mat due to its size. Not sure yet…

Image source: Domino mag.

.: Manhattan by Jim Datz :.

This one is actually framed and just waiting to be hung.  I’m far from having another housewarming.

Image source: Three Potato Four Shop.

.: Cozamia :.

I also have my eyes on this Cozamia peony print that recently came to my attention, thanks to decor8! I just need to go home and figure out what that empty IKEA frame size is =P The black one is also tempting.

Image source: Cozamia.

I don’t have a vision for my empty wall space and that is one reason why so many frames have gone unhung. If it were up to me, I would love to get another IKEA Hovet mirror to put in my room, but the process of getting one into the living room was painful enough for now! Since it’s a frameless mirror, IKEA won’t deliver. I ended up getting mine secondhand on Craigslist (after stalking it for ages) for a great price from a gentleman who lives 5 minutes away from me. He was nice enough to help me carry it to my building (it was not a 5 minute process).

I’m also not as big of an IKEA fanatic as my recent posts suggest.

3 thoughts on “to decorate / wall art”

  1. I have a ton of unframed prints from various travels just waiting for me to settle down, ha.

    Sad about Domino. And now ReadyMade. UGH!

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