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Lately my attention has been shifting from reality TV to period dramas. Downton Abbey to be exact. I had a strict upbringing in that the Simpsons and 90210 weren’t approved entertainment. There were plenty of movies you would find on TCM’s 100 and PBS.

Downton Abbey is set in the early twentieth century and balances between the “upstairs” family of the Earl and “downstairs” servants. The first episode kicked off with the sinking of the Titanic and closed with England entering WWI. I read about Downton Abbey on Apartment Therapy, an interior decor blog, of all places, but for good reason. The series is chock full of amazing sets – the interiors, immaculate English gardens, architecture, and fashion! The quality of acting doesn’t hurt either.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can stream Season One for free. Season Two is in progress in the UK and won’t hit stateside until February 2012. If you’re impatient like I am, I’ve been streaming Season Two episodes at They’re timely with updating after every Sunday evening broadcast.

.: The Setting :.

Downton Abbey is filmed at nineteenth century Highclere Castle which has been a part of the Carnarvon family since 1679. I find  European castles to be fascinating, especially when I compare it to similar royal homes in Asia. Thanks to the wars and turning of dynasties, I think it is rare to find a family in the same place for over 300 years.

.: The Fashion :.

The ladies were recently featured in the August Vogue UK in this season’s fashions. Shot by Jason Bell.

Image source: ITV and Vogue UK.

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