to shop / retail whirl (j.crew, gap, macy’s)

1) J.Crew

I’ve been on the J.Crew bandwagon ever since the traveling warehouse sales. Two pairs of wool pants for $25? Dressy wool coats for $40? My eBaying career took off around then. I’m traveling for work this week and could not resist crossing the street to check out the J.Crew. Especially since there is an additional 30% off in stores and no sales tax.

I encountered a hoard of the Quincy Tartan shirt that I’ve been stalking online for ages (to no avail, as it sold out quickly), on sale. This is the first shirt I’ve tried of the Boy Shirt cut. It runs big. I’ve got a few plaid shirts from J.Crew and Trovata; I would say this one “rounds out my collection”. I’ve worn gingham to work a few times, but I guess this tartan threw my coworkers off kilter. “Wow, you’re not wearing black!”

I also saw a bunch of the Streetscape Cape on sale for $70. What a big, quick drop from $198. I’m not sure if I love it yet, but seeing it on Ms. Hutton makes me want to keep it. Thoughts? It also runs big. For those who opted for the icky Ann Taylor Loft lookalike, the quality of this one is so much better and closer to ATL’s retail price.

I also saw the Silk Scarf Tank in Floating Rose and am so glad I didn’t order it. In addition to worrying about getting sick of the print next season, the cut is not flattering, unless you are a ruler.

2) Gap

I’ve been loving Gap’s leather jackets. They revved up their leather collection this year with pants, but the downside is they started excluding the leather from promotions :(

Last year’s favorites:

What I’m stalking below, the buttery Textural Leather jacket. I tried it on and think it runs slightly bigger than the jackets above. I have a strategy for when these jackets start getting marked down and now I have another store to add to my list.

Aside from their leather, I’ve also a fan of their pants. Specifically the 1969 ponte five-pocket leggings which are of substantial weight and not too low rise. Finally – a replacement for the Gap pants from two springs ago! They fit TTS. My only criticism is that they only come in one length. The 1969 textural knit legging jeans are equally comfortable, but run smaller and also, no petite length.

3) Giambattista Valli for Macy’s

Too many collabs lately. This one is launching tomorrow and hopefully will be better than the Karl Lagerfeld one, which I found disappointing. See the full collection here. Lookbook pics below:

And more product pics:

The next Macy’s collab is Doo.Ri. The next Target collab is Josie Natori, followed by Jason Wu (style blogs make this one sound phenomenal).

Image source: manufacturer/retailer.

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