to travel / … with food

My mother’s side of the family is big on food, but I noticed at a young age that not every branch of the family is as serious as ours in that we also like to transport food around.

Some things I’ve traveled with include:

  • KFC gift boxes of egg tarts: I brought a few boxes back from me in Taiwan — they are perfect after a quick run in the toaster oven and also make great gifts for those who miss Taiwan.
  • Laduree macarons and luxemburgerli (that is one of my most visited posts): In addition to the luxemburgerli, I also brought back tons of chocolate from Zurich. Some were fresh truffles, i.e. must eat right away because there are no preservatives.
  • The original Sacher torte: During an 1+ week trip from Munich to Copenhagen, I lugged a Sacher torte around for my uncle. The sad part of the story is that he ended up going out of town before I got home… so we devoured it with some other family.

Most recently, I had a short trip to Portland, Oregon. I can gush a while about their food scene, coffee shops, and how I want to move there one day. For the sake of brevity and not digressing in this post, I’d like to share a picture of my carry-on on the way back from Portland. I purchased this red Longchamp le Pliage large tote (available here and here) on sale in Copenhagen a few years back and it’s been ever so useful for traveling.

Pictured in my trusty bag are boxes of tea from Steven Smith‘s adorable tea shop, a box of Voodoo doughnuts, and a sandwich, 4 slices of pie, and a brownie from Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery. Not pictured are 4 bottles of Hotlips Pizza soda in my checked bag. One’s lid ended up loosening, but double Baggu-ing saved the rest of my luggage from getting flooded. Stay tuned for a detailed post on these items.

  1. Albert said:

    Voodoo donuts! I wish I had gone!

    • irene said:

      I got stale ones in the fridge that I can chuck at you in February.

      • Albert said:

        I thought tentatively accept = you avoiding me in Feb. HA!

  2. kudos for lugging back drinks in checked luggage (even though one leaked.) i’m assuming they were plastic bottles?

    • irene said:

      They were glass!!! And yes, I have quite the workout lugging my stuff up the walkup.

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