to pamper / birchbox for men

I’m not a big self-promoter (most of the time), so it’s taken a while for friends to find this blog (because it’s not plastered all over my Facebook). I met up with old friends over the weekend and the blog inevitably came up. I really wish I lived near some shopping-loving girlfriends, but I’m sure they’re glad I’m far away and keeping my (bad) influence away.

One friend said that he wasn’t into the food posts, and since I will never forget the story of him refusing to play tennis because he had already showered and put on lotion… this post is for him and all my other metrosexual readers out there.

I like Birchbox and love new products. Birchbox finally came out with a box for men! It’s not a monthly deal (yet?), but if you’re scratching your head on what to gift the guy who doesn’t need anything, consider this. $45 for $240 worth. After all the Sephora F&F value set shopping, I have to stop my brain from automatically deducting 20%. I wouldn’t mind stealing a few things above and I also happen to have a Jack Black-loving girlfriend ;)

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