to shop / repetto sales (as of 2011.11.28)

Update: See the Repetto shopping directory post and other recent posts for updated information.

I will be blogging soon about my visit to the Paris Repetto outlet and the October Repetto sample sale in NYC in the near future — guess which was a better bargain. I am completely Repetto-ed out and will also be weeding out some of my own never been worn collection. I love a good bargain and these prices, especially for cloth styles, are extremely lackluster to me. I only consider buying leather Repettos that are 50% off or more. Good thing I don’t “need” any!

Overall, the selection is less classic than prior years. The economy is bouncing back and that means less aggressive sales. At the same time, many of these sales are catching the tale end of Black Friday/Cyber Monday or kicking off from it.

  • Net-a-porter. 40-50% off.
  • Yoox is still a perennial favorite and they just had a huge restock.
  • Creatures of Comfort has 25% off for a select few Repetto styles through Monday only. Code on page.
  • Zoe has a few for 30% off. As usual, they always have an offbeat selection.
  • Saks. Also 30% off. More normal selection.
  • Gravitypope and Ssense. Also 30% off. Note, they are both in Canada. GP has a well curated selection but always pricey.
  • OpeningCeremony has one of the biggest selections of Repettos online. They’ve started with 20% off.
  • Lost and Found. They still have old sale stock. Beware of getting store worn merchandise.

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