to travel & shop / {november 2011} paris – petit bateau

Continuation of this Petit Bateau post.

Petit Bateau is all over Paris. I have no idea how their sales are like in Paris, but I can’t afford to wait. They were having a small promotion when I was there – 20% off two or more items, excluding anything black or blue {stripes were eligible for the promotion} – and in true Parisian fashion, it was very subtly advertised in the store. I happened to catch a glimpse of the store window on the way in and it was written on the very bottom left. I don’t know much French, but I know enough to know soldes = sale :)

Here are some snapshots of their tiny lookbook. Their baby/kid line is so adorable. I wish they had everything in adult sizes! {Oh wait, they do.}

As I mentioned, what I wanted – the milleraies modified boatneck tee on the left in a picture above – was sold out at the Champs-Élysées store so I planned to find it at another store on my last morning in Paris.

  • I stopped by the store next to the Jardin des Tuileries on Rue Montmarte right after opening time. This store was supposed to be adultswear only, i.e. better chances of having good inventory. Well, they decided not to open on time because they were redoing their window display! I could even see the shirt I wanted taunting me through the window. We had walked by the PB near my friend’s place on Sunday and her store was doing the right thing – doing it off hours. The French don’t care about making money it seems.
  • Not to be deterred, I walked to the Rue Tronchet location where they were super helpful (but a little bit slow), and I found what I wanted.
  • I still don’t understand why the shirt I want is on every other PB online store, except the US! (Edit in January 2012: now available here). One neat thing is that you can shop online and have it delivered to a local PB store in France. That was my backup plan :)
  • The extra time to get the top was worth it. I love the milleraies knit material. It is midweight and comfy, a seasonless top. The top is also long enough, the neckline is classy, and the 3/4 sleeve length is perfect. The sleeves on the long sleeved top was too long for me. I resisted buying more than one … of this color. I’ve paired this top under a blazer for work.

I am absolutely obsessed with stripes right now, if it isn’t evident enough in my next few posts.

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