to shop / the case for leopard

I used to associate animal prints with old ladies. J.Crew’s played a role in changing my mind as have some influential fashionistas. It’s really a matter of finding well-executed leopard.

Alexa Chung had a nice leopard faux fur coat in last year’s TopShop collection. She creates quite a lemming effect.

Amanda Peet didn’t look too bad either…

But Ms. Emmanuelle Alt, of Vogue Paris, nailed it.

I recently acquired a leopard faux fur coat that was tastefully executed by my favorite Forever 21. Skinny girls, it runs big so you’re sized out on this. It is a super pricey Forever 21 piece at $60+ … and it needs some work. The sleeves are too long on me (bracelet length is more flattering) and I’m not sure if the width can be taken in a bit.

By the way, I have to say that some of J.Crew’s Fall 2011 leopard accessories have been looking extra mangly. What is up with that? I’m so glad I found a leopard belt last season.

Photo source: All over the Internet and J.Crew

2 thoughts on “to shop / the case for leopard”

    1. Hmm, did you look at asos, H&M, Gap, F21…? Nice leopard ones are hard to find. Most of the retailers have icky content that look like they snag easily, but how much/long do you want to keep it?

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