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Update: See the full Clare Vivier shopping directory post here

I bought my first Clare Vivier bag in June 2009 — the original Tropezienne bag in brown (short handle version). It still remains one of her best known items. Since then, I’ve picked up many items from her including the navy messenger, the Tropezienne in black, another similar shopping tote in distressed patent grey (discontinued and recently unloaded on eBay), and about 4 foldover clutches that I featured here, here, and here. It took tons of self-control not to keep the orange foldover clutch.

My Clare Vivier collection is not complete yet though! I ordered the simple tote in black after seeing it in CV’s interview here. The leopard limited edition simple tote with Wren is pretty fabulous too. As I mentioned before, Pretty Mommy is one of the best sources of CV, next to CV’s own e-store. Her pre-Black Friday discount was 30% off. Of course it isn’t 30% off all the time. Updated on November 16, 2013… there is no longer one best source. 

Anthropologie, Shopbop, and Revolve Clothing have also began carrying a good deal of CV bags. (I really want this blue suede tote from Revolve!)The pluses from these stores is stock. Usually when I order from Pretty Mommy or CV, my items might be backordered. All of these three sites have inventory on hand to ship. If you’re in a rush for vacation/party, etc., keep that in mind.

Image source: Ofakind, CV’s tumblr

I thought that was pretty good until I saw the 60% off sitewide code for Community Collection on Sunday night, expiring that night. Community Collection is a relatively new site that features a great mix of designers; a part of their sales goes to a charity designated by each designer. I would’ve spent more money had I seen the sale email sooner. You see, I have an intricate filtering system set up in my Gmail to minimize time and money spent on those daily sale sites. Obviously, my filters were effective. I haven’t seen any shipping notification since I ordered, so I won’t go any further until my order is hand.

Then, two days later, I caught wind of Anthropologie‘s additional 50% off sale promotion. Anthropologie has a small collection of Clare Vivier bags and one of them – the leather weekender –  happened to go on sale. Pre-promotion, it was 45% off and since I love the leather quality and style of her bags, I would’ve been happy enough to snag it for 45% off. Post-promotion, it was 72% off. Of course it had already sold out online at Anthropologie, but like any true bargain hunter, I called the 800 number.

  • The first call was fruitless. I got hung up on.
  • The second call was money. The friendly customer service rep knew exactly what I was talking about since she got her mom a weekender for Christmas.
    • I gave her the style number {find this through Google} and she gave me the phone numbers for three stores that each had a larger quantity of 3 in stock, reported as of Sunday. It was Wednesday, so I was skeptical. The three stores were in the Southeast, central South, and Northwest. Considering it was near noon ET, I strategized and called the central South store first since they had probably just opened for the day and Southerners are nicer. I got put on hold many times but I got what I needed.
    • On top of that, the 800 rep also said the online store inventory had the bag in stock. {Just because it’s out of stock on the website doesn’t mean the online store doesn’t have it in stock} As someone who prefers to shop online because inventory isn’t “store-handled”, I ordered the ones in their online inventory. (Hey, it’s not just for me!) At this point, the online store was also guaranteeing free delivery by Friday (December 23).
    • She also gave me some intel about the item’s inventory, but I will not be divulging it on here.
    • One of my friends called a store closer to her. They had it in stock and shipped it to her.
  • Aside from all of the talk just for this weekender bag. I want to plug the Anthropologie sale overall. Some people hate on the sale because they are too lazy to go to the store and/or they only click on whatever links you to.
    • Not all available sale items are linked from’s sale pages. Check out the sale recaps from Effortless Anthropologie or other Anthropologie-centric blogs.
    • Their inventory in the store and online changes all the time. An easy way to view pop-backs, meaning they were sold out and then more inventory came in, is adding something to your cart and clicking save for later, or adding it to your wishlist.
    • 50% is taken off automatically once you add the item to your cart.
    • Now, if you’re really a fanatic, you can skim this blog post for intel on a specific item. You have to appreciate the beauty of the Internet and bargain hunting.
    • Anthropologie is owned by Urban Outfitters. I wish did a better job of promoting their third-party brands like UO does. You can currently find APC quilts for 85% off, Virginia Johnson scarf/shawls for 70% off, Tucker scarves, Missoni scarves, etc.

Image source: Community Collection, Seevivier

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