to shop / perfect gifts at vente privee and yoku moku

Debuting a new look… also I am working on moving my blog. I had a lot of fun with FTP, file/directory permissions, installing WordPress on my host server (it doesn’t come with) last night and really need a crash course in css.

Before there was Gilt, there was Vente-Privee. Vente-Privee came from France and is credited to have inspired Gilt. It’s finally landed stateside thanks to American Express. I’ve been a member since it launched, but I’ve been waiting the sales out.

The brands have gotten better (as in more affordable); the discounts vary. There are also only a few sales going on at any given time. The interface is a bit excruciating (or shall I daresay, French?) — I like sites that have a view all option — and the site doesn’t perform well when you open multiple tabs. So far they’ve had a great host of European brands. Longchamp was ok (pricey leather collections), but this weekend’s Wolford and Bodum is worth checking out. And since American Express is backing this venture, if you use your American Express to check out prior to 12/31, they will give you a $20 statement credit! This is effectively $14 off, after factoring in the $5.95 shipping and handling fee.

Now, I don’t expect Vente-Privee competing with Gilt any time soon but I hope they continue to bring affordable European brands.

  • I got a skirt from Wolford. I adore this Austrian brand, but it is way too expensive off the rack or even at the outlet. A skirt for 78% off? Yes, please. Their hosiery was sold out of all smaller sizes.
  • I also got a gold/black Bodum Chambord French Press. I was inspired to make my own coffee after my stay in Paris and have been loving gold again. Time to use my coffee from Fauchon! As long as Bodum doesn’t break in transit, it makes a great hostess gift.

Image source: vente-privee

Next, the Yoku Moku cookies are on sale at Neiman Marcus! Yoku Moku is a Japanese cookie brand and you may have seen them before. They are usually sold around the holiday season at Neiman Marcus, Dean and Deluca, and Saks Fifth Avenue. After you take an additional 25% off the sale prices and factor in free shipping (code: DECFS), they are about 50% off. I’ve received these as gifts before and have also been to the Yoku Moku flagship in Tokyo. I highly recommend them (and I like keeping the tin for storage purposes)! Saks had them in their after Christmas sale last year but they seem to have already disappeared from their website this year. Sidenote: NM also have some seasonal Longchamp on sale.

Image source: 8tokyo and Serious Eats

6 thoughts on “to shop / perfect gifts at vente privee and yoku moku”

  1. OMG, I was looking at vente privee this week because of the free $20.

    I’ve gotten $25 in free wine thanks to Small Biz Saturday. How will they make any money?

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