to shop / some pretty things

I’ve been eBaying like mad these days since I have extra time and my credit card is hemorrhaging from recent shopping. It’s also so rewarding to get rid of “piles” or to find that something new that has been lying around for x years has appreciated in value! I’m not big on making resolutions, but one is to downsize significantly and to make smarter financial decisions.

Here are a few pretty things I’ve picked up lately.

Hermès thin enamel bracelet in blush/gold. I realized after I took the picture that there is still a plastic cover on the lefthand side. It wasn’t even apparent to the naked eye! Now, it looks ghetto but I don’t feel like reshooting. I’m tempted to leave it on since it’s extra protection. I will talk more about the bracelet in my Hermès post.

Comme des Garçons polka dot embossed leather wallet. I love my Baggus so much that I use a pouch as my wallet. People around me cringe all the time, but I often downsize from a normal wallet after moving between purses. It’s time to get back into one and this is a good motivation. It’s absolutely gorgeous and all the reviews I’ve read have said that CdG wallets stand the test of time. It’s also made in Spain! I picked this up for 50% off during a Black Friday sale and it only took me one month to decide whether or not to keep it. 50% off a classic sized CdG wallet is rare!

Anthology magazine. I really do not deserve to purchase any more magazines. I have too much of a backlog right now. When this hit the sale section of and got cut another 50% off, I couldn’t resist.  The typography is beautiful and the cover story of this issue is Stockholm. I can’t wait to go back some day.

Clare Vivier simple tote. I picked these up during the aforementioned CC sale, along with this beautiful Helmut Lang top. I haven’t whether to keep the black and the Wren leopard limited edition or just one. Decisions, decisions. They are beautifully made though! On a side leopard note, I decided not to keep this F21 jacket. I want something sleeker.

Prada shoe boxes. This year’s Saks after-Christmas sale started early. I was lucky in that there were a few pretty things that were sold out for all but my size. I haven’t decided whether I’m keeping these yet. Prada shoe boxes always bring a smile to my face. They even have the logo embossed on the inside of the cover and on the tissue cover sheet.

Pierre Hermé macarons. Since I am talking pretty, I feel obligated to include shots of these macarons. Details are forthcoming in another post :)

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