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After the haircut at Bumble and Bumble, I skipped over to Chelsea Market. I haven’t been to this area in ages and couldn’t leave without checking in at Anthropologie! Each store’s decor and sale inventory is different.

Fact: This was the third Anthropologie I visited in a seven day period. My male coworkers were good sports when they allowed me to powershop before dinner. I was in and out of J.Crew and Anthropologie in less than 5 minutes each!

Another fact: Anthropologie just marked some things down yesterday. If you bought something within the past week or so, get a price adjustment!

I was looking at the Audrey Tulle Dress by Tracy Reese when an older woman walked by and commented, “how fun!” I responded with a “this STORE is fun!” We ended up talking a bit more and she recommended this Moulinette Soeurs party skirt to me. The quality was exquisite and with a 50% off price of $150… hmm, I’m stalking it for a further markdown. It’s not really my style because it’s heavy, but it is so pretty and fits well. We’ll see. The Tracy Reese dress is unfriendly to petites and I was just trying it on for fun. I ended up picking up a Moulinette red wool pencil skirt for less than thirty bones. I’m not sure if it’s an Anthropologie-only house brand, but Moulinette Souers is one of my favorite brands at Anthropologie.

After Anthropologie, I stepped into Chelsea Market to look for lunch. It is always festively decorated during the holidays.

I ended up splurged on sushi at the Lobster Place before I ended the “fun” part of my weekend.

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