to shop / neon stripes!

I am not big on following trends because I think most are short-lived and a waste of money, or unflattering. While I appreciate the chipperness and vibrancy of neon, I don’t see longevity in most interpretations. Then, I stumbled upon the J.Crew’s vintage thermal striped tee in vintage champagne azalea (how pretty does that color sound?) for $13.99 after their 30% off sale. I was sold — it’s the perfect candidate for lounging around, wearing with my fur vest, and the list goes on. It runs tight and small, so good luck to those who can actually fit into the XX-SMALL size that has been lingering for weeks. The trick with J.Crew sales inventory during promotions is to wake up extra early. I’ve not ashamed to say that I’ve been wearing this around the house all week, given the number of hours I’m actually at home! I can see this standing alone or layering easily with my (faux) fur vest.

I recently came across a blog, girlontheave, during research on StyleMint’s Broadway tee sizing. I’ve since acquired that tee which I’ll mention another time, but I slightly chuckled when I saw that she had also added this top to her striped colleciton. Stripes are addicting! If you’re located near LA, check girlontheave’s blog for places to eat! I can’t wait for my next trip to LA.

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