to shop / the secret to zara girls’ shoes

I’ve tried to downsize my RSS reader to no avail. I add more RSS feeds to my reader than I remove. There are too many interesting blogs out there… Recently I discovered Fast Food & Fast Fashion via Extra Petite via Feather Factor. All three blogs are written by savvy, stylish, Asian women who keep me updated on the latest fashion and deals. Being an Asian, I was wondering the other day why Asian women like to shop so much and can’t resist a bargain. Anyone have ideas?

FF&FF had a post on Zara girls’ shoes. Now, I have dabbled in the kids department at Massimo Dutti, Target, Crewcuts, and GapKids, but I am shocked that Zara girls had shoes big enough for me. I’m an US 8/Euro 39/Italian 38. Zara girls’ sizing is a bit confusing, but basically, a size 3.5 is an US 5/Euro 36, 4 is US 6/Euro 37, 5 is US 7/Euro 38, and 6 is US 8/Euro 39.

Their shoes typically go up to 5, but there was one pair that had a 6. I quickly placed an order (free shipping and a return policy makes it an easy decision) and they arrived yesterday. Sure enough, they fit with a bit of room to spare. What made it extra sweet was Zara’s sale price. At $20+ on sale, they aren’t super cheap, but it’s very reasonable.

Without looking at the product pages, can anyone guess which pair I got?

So, my girlfriends with smaller feet, check out Zara’s girls department.

Image source: Zara

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