to travel & eat / {january 2012} atlanta – local three

I met an American girl at a bus stop in Positano a few years ago and we bonded over eating and traveling as we traveled to Rome. Since then, we’ve met up numerous times when she is in NYC or I am in Atlanta. I never need to do any food research when I head down to Atlanta because she gives me the lowdown on what is hot/in/new/fabulous.

I picked the Local Three for dinner with two other friends, and of course they wondered how the heck an out-of-towner manages to find places to eat. I made reservations on OpenTable for Local Three and arrived fabulously late. I hadn’t read up on this place at all beforehand and trusted my GPS to get me where I needed to go. Little did I know that this restaurant is nestled within some residential looking towers in the suburbs of Atlanta. You turn into a complex, wondering if you went the wrong way, but eventually signs pop up to lead you to the appropriate parking garage. Until you step foot into the restaurant, everything around you looks deserted.

I would describe this place as a market-to-table speakeasy with plenty of vegetarian options, which was good because a girlfriend is going through a no-meat fast. At this point of the trip, I was also eating too much junk so I was craving veggies.

Hallway leading to the main entrance.

Pig-centric decor.

Humor sprinkled throughout the menu.

Shots of the menu. Notice how all the prices end in 3.

I ordered a bunch of things for the table. So much that the waiter thought we were done ordering. Here’s my Preferred Nomenclature drink.

Our little table got really full.

Oven roasted mushrooms with polenta, pecorino, and truffle jus.

I love veggies, especially cauliflower. This was prepared with tons of golden raisins, capers, walnuts, parmesan, and parsley emulsion.

Duck fat fried pickles.

Crispy fried brussel sprouts.

I really liked this. “A Duck and a Swede walk into a bar” – duck meatballs, tomato jam, and crispy onions.

Pork schnitzel with roasted root vegetables, cinnamon apples, and greens. Also really yummy.

The Notorious P.I.G. charcuterie plate with sausage, liverwurst, more sausage, lonza, cornichons, EVOO, violet mustard, and whipped lardo. Sorry, I couldn’t do the lardo.

And my friends’ mains… the vegetable composition with parsnips, kale, squash, spiced lentils, and more crispy brussel sprouts! And the wood oven roasted hanger steak, which was delicious.

And of course, there was dessert. I had a walnut ice cream and my friend had chocolate banana thing.

The duck meatballs played as my main… sometimes I go to restaurants and rather order more appetizers in lieu of a main. If I were to go back, I would definitely get the brussel sprouts, duck meatballs, mushrooms/polenta, and hanger steak. They were the most memorable. Also, it’s more fun with more people, we were stuffed to the brim because I wanted to try everything. The Notorious P.I.G. and fried pickles are better for spreading across more people.


4 thoughts on “to travel & eat / {january 2012} atlanta – local three”

  1. i have to show chris this post. i kept on telling him how delicious the veggies were. ahah. i’ve been thinking about the brussel sprouts and mushrooms since going there.

  2. Irene –
    On behalf of everyone at Local Three, thanks so much for your diligent reporting on your recent experience with us. We truly appreciate your time in posting about us, and of course, we love the kudos.

    Come see us again soon, and say hello when you are in the house!

    To great food, drink & folks,

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