to shop / {marinière} uniqlo striped tees + suddenlee

I go through phases of frequenting a store like crazy (most of the time, it’s just window shopping, unless it’s a crazy sale) and then don’t go near it for a while. I used to go to Soho just for Uniqlo (why else would you battle the awful throngs of tourists?) and when I had an unlimited month to Bar Method down the street… it was quite bad. I haven’t been there since late September when they opened pop-ups in Flatiron and the new flagship in Midtown. Since then, they’ve opened another store near Herald Square. I dropped in as I was passing by the area. It was prime rush hour and the store was dead. It is such a refreshing surprise from the Soho store, which used to be so congested (and mobbed with Taiwanese fobs).

I tried to do a quick browse through but it turned out to be more like a fifteen minute stop since there are so many areas and stairs. I looked for the ultra lightweight long down jacket… yep, still sold out. Even though it looks like there is tons of any one item, it eventually sells out as my procrastinating friends who wanted this jacket quickly learned.

After looking at the +J on sale (which was the first time I looked at this last collection) and being totally uninspired, I turned a corner and what did I see? Striped tees! There are plenty of colors and they are wallet friendly at $19.90. They run big, so my tiny Asian friends… too bad! One thing the American Uniqlos are missing is kids’ clothing.

Image source: Uniqlo

3 thoughts on “to shop / {marinière} uniqlo striped tees + suddenlee”

  1. Hi just found your blog and love your style. I’m just starting to rebuild my wardrobe and love some of your suggestions like petite bateau.

    I wanted to ask about the sizing for Uniqlo. You mentioned above that it tends to run large, but I also noticed that the Uniqlo website’s measurements seem to make it sound like they run small (I’m normally a S, but w/ Uniqlo’s website’s measurements I guess I’m a large). As I’m not in NY and thinking about using Sudenlee, I was wondering if you had a recc on sizing. Thank!

    1. I’ve never looked at their website measurements. I size up in their dress shirts, because it’s more of a tailored fit. I’m TTS in their coats. For casual knits like the breton top, I size down. Also, you can ask Suddenlee about sizing. I’m not sure if they can measure items for you.

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