to cook / roasted cauliflower

Wow – I cooked! I rarely cook. In my defense, there are tons of places to get food in my area and I work much more than the average person. I used to cook and bake regularly in college — anyone who has tasted my cooking should feel special. Nowadays, rarely do my culinary skills extend beyond toasting bread or opening a yogurt container. This was actually the first time I cooked cauliflower, inspired by Milk & Mode. And yes, technically I baked, but I did have to pan toast the pine nuts.

I didn’t have lemon juice and I didn’t boil the peeled cloves of garlic first (thanks, FreshDirect…) I was also too lazy to use a baking pan and did the foil on Pyrex for easy cleanup (J, I owe you)… which ended up not being easier. I’m so constrained for space in the kitchen that I had to lay this pan down on the dishwasher door. At least I have a dishwasher, right? I ended up making two batches since I had two heads of cauliflower. The second batch of pine nuts totally burned because I went to watch TV and forgot. Oops!

My coworkers, who like to eat, gave it a thumbs up.

  1. pauline said:

    looks delicious :)

  2. amychien said:

    Good job! Looks yummy!

  3. jin said:

    What a way to get people to eat their vegetables! Mmmmm.

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