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Back in September, GiltCity had a deal for Bosie Tea Parlor, a fairly new tea parlor I had read about on Kathy YL Chan’s blog. I don’t believe in most deals, especially ones on GiltCity, but this one looked like an actual bargain and I had tons of Gilt credit.

In December, Talida and I met up one night after work and had the Chef’s Royal Tea Service for dinner. You have to pre-order the service. It included:
* Two premium pots of tea
* Scones with clotted cream and jam
* Three flavors of premium tea sandwiches (four triangles of each)
* Four premium macarons
* Two pastries
* Two glasses of Champagne

Having been to other tea parlors in NYC, I wish Bosie had a warmer ambience. The interior was very wooden. We got the coziest seats in the house though — cushioned chairs next to the windows in the back. Service was great, everything was scrumptious, and it was a great wind-down on a weeknight. We were stuffed to the brim and both left with takeout boxes.

While this deal is no longer available, DailyCandy is running a deal through February 13 for a tea/food tasting or a Valentine’s Day tea/macaron basket.

We could select any two pastries and four macarons. Their pastry chef had trained under Pierre Hermé and I’d just returned from Paris, so the macaron selection was very familiar, but I’m sure you can pick out the ones that PH wouldn’t carry.

This is what I took home… half of the pound cake and the Paris brest.

And thanks for the cookies, Talida!

  1. pauline said:

    look so, so good. making me hungry.

  2. talida said:

    Who knew food that dainty could be so filling! The pastry and leftover cakes made for delicious breakfast the next day :)

    And I know they claim to be a modern tea salon, but it would be more enjoyable if it were a bit more cozy inside.

  3. jin said:

    Omg, I love tea service, and this one looks amazing!!!

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