to shop / {marinière} saint james tees

*Updated on February 16*

Many bloggers are obsessed with the old French label, Saint James. They are famous for their Breton tee (as they are Normandy-based and all). Most styles are unisex. I think it’s better to leave the unisex style to the men, unless you’re going for Gwyneth’s look here. I am not in the rail thin camp to go baggy.

While you can order from their US website, Saint James is more accessible via J.Crew or Madewell, especially when either is running a promotion or having a sale.

  • The plus about J.Crew is that they carry the kids’ version and even when their promotional codes state that third party brands are excluded, the codes work! That is, if J.Crew doesn’t hide the item, as they often do during % off discounts. I saw the kid tees in person at the lower Fifth Avenue store in NYC, but couldn’t find a 14 to try for sizing. They also special colors…
  • The plus about Madewell is that they carry more styles and they tend to discount the classic styles. All styles are discounted on Madewell right now.

Sizing: Since their sizing is unisex, the general rule is to size 2 sizes down.

  • Naval (pictured above): Size 1-2 sizes down for a fitted look. It’s cute, but the sleeves are too baggy even two sizes down.
  • Aviso: Size 1 size down. This is the most fitted style out of the ones I’ve seen since I do not believe it is unisex.
  • Meridien II: Size 1-2 sizes down for a fitted look.
  • Miniquiers 10: I’ve never tried this one on…, but J.Crew has a women’s version III that is exclusive to them! I’ve also tried on the J.Crew’s children’s tee, which I believe is the Miniquiers style. The size 14 is much more fitted, but the arms are still baggy.

I love most of J.Crew’s third party brands, so when I saw the red Naval tee on final sale during the 40% sale, I snagged one up. I did appreciate the long, non-cropped, and not too slim length, but the sleeves disappoint me… You can see how it compares to the StyleMint Broadway tee (and I don’t iron, so pardon the unpressedness).

4 thoughts on “to shop / {marinière} saint james tees”

  1. I would love to see ALL your marinière tees in one shot! I’m still drawn to them, but I’ve stopped myself from buying.. which is why I passed on the Uniqlo ones. :\

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