to shop / *the* navy blazer

While I haven’t found my perfect leopard coat yet, I have been looking for the perfect navy blazer with gold buttons. Once again, Ms. Alt is at fault. She is seen here sporting a blazer from Balmain, which inspired the designer, Joseph, to name a blazer after her (as seen on Alexa). I prefer the unbuttoned look.

Joseph‘s blazer is hard to find, especially in navy. I found it in my size, on sale as it is not a current season item, but in cream. The fit was good, but I was not in love especially it looked better buttoned. I think it was too double breasted and has to be buttoned to look right, but I’m not sure how the navy Joseph would look in person or if it meant I should’ve gone down a size. In general, I’m not a big fan of cream blazers and my friend pointed out that the gold/cream washed each other out. It was also still super pricey with a heavy discount. It reminded me that I want to invest in things I LOVE and not settle.

J.crew’s had a few amazing blazers over the years as the J.Crew fans know. For a more affordable option, J.Crew’s new double-breasted Ivy blazer has potential. I am sure it is no coincidence that the Ivy was developed after J.Crew’s now-former VP of women’s design was seen sporting the Joseph (non-J.Crew!) blazer in a J.Crew email blast. On initial inspection, I wish the Ivy was longer and more fitted at the waist.

Image source: J.Crew, Net-a-Porter, J.Crew Aficionada, and the internet.

3 thoughts on “to shop / *the* navy blazer”

  1. You’re so dedicated. I’ve generally given up on finding “the perfect” anything. After a fruitless 5 year search for “the perfect denim skirt,” I lost all hope.. :P

    1. Or obsessive. C’mon, Talida!
      Given how oversized some denim/chambray shirts are, I think you should check out the kids’ department.

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