general / irenelikes v3.0

I’ve been itching to move my blog to my domain for more flexibility. Alas, time is not on my side. I DIY’ed it all from setting up a database, installing WordPress on my host, to tweaking css sheets. All I have left is manually updating entries/photos and figuring out email subscriptions. There is a lot you take for granted when you’re on the free While I love the current look right now, it’s not easily to replicate and I don’t feel like learning css. Here is a sneak peek at the new site. There will be a lot of rollover action (e.g. top righthand corner).

Wait for it…

  1. pauline said:

    is that a madewell dress on the bottom left?

  2. irene said:

    Yup, each post has a featured image. The Madewell one was this post.

  3. what is css?!?!?!? sounds like programming stuff. i cant wait for the new site!! wooooooooooooooot

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