to shop / target for non-designer collaboration fashion

I would probably shop at Target much more if they had a better designed website.

I have a weakness for many things and coats/jackets are just one of them. I was skulking around one day and found these cute Merona trenches on clearance for $17.50. There was also another 10% off code (and Target has promotions pretty often). I don’t remember how Merona fits, but I am glad the small wasn’t too big! The roommate liked the gingham one more, but I like both… If I have more time, I would also swap out the buttons. The navy stripe has since sold out online and XS is also gone. If you’re desperate, check your store!

I noticed that Target has also hired Brad Goreski to style their new Spring line. It looks pretty promising.

As alluring as the belts look, the trench is more promising… at $15 for a synthetic belt, I rather spend $15 on a leather belt from J.Crew, on sale. Not everything in the lookbook is available yet. Out of the available items, this Xhilaration scarf has caught my attention. Isn’t it a pretty good copy of half of the Lemlem split scarf?

Target Xhilaration pink scarf, $14.99, 80″ x 24″, 51% cotton/49% acrylic:

Lemlem split scarf, $150, 72″ x 24″, 85% cotton/15% acrylic:

  1. pauline said:

    hehe, no xs in the store near me. oh well! i have to stop this shopping thing for a bit. :)

  2. talida said: may be lacking, but I’m quite pleased with Target app for iPhone! So easy to browse through, my spending at Target will probably increase because of it.

  3. i loooooooooooooove brad!! excited for his line. i don’t see any of these items at my target :*(

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